For over 30 years, MEDS has helped doctors and hospital administrators solve problems and achieve professional goals.

Our founder, Dr. William Cruzen, began his career in Davenport, Iowa, in 1976 as an emergency medicine physician. With his exceptional care and personalized service, he quickly earned a solid reputation in emergency department management.

In 1983, MEDS was formed at the request of a client – a claim few companies can make. The company was formed to provide staffing and management services for the emergency department at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Belleville, Illinois – a client who is still with us today.

MEDS has continued to grow over the years, as others have learned of our philosophy and service. In 2014, MEDS entered into a joint venture with Infinity Healthcare, a provider of emergency department management services based in Wisconsin. The partnership, Infinity-MEDS, LLP, provides emergency department staffing and management services for Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS) Ministries throughout Illinois.

Today, MEDS staffs and manages emergency departments, urgent care facilities and hospital inpatient services throughout the Midwest.

Dr. Cruzen passed away in 2016. But we never lose sight of the doctors and hospitals we bring together each day, providing excellent care to their patients.