Frequently-Asked Questions

January 21st, 2015

Why did I receive two bills? 

Midwest Emergency Department Services (MEDS) and Infinity-MEDS are physician groups that have been contracted to provide emergency physician, nurse practitioner, and physician assistant coverage in the emergency departments and urgent care centers. These physicians are independent contractors and, as such, are not employees of the hospital. The hospital does not bill for the professional services provided by these providers. Therefore, a patient presenting to the ED can expect to receive two bills, one for the hospital services and one for the professional fee.

Why did I receive a check from my insurance company?

A provider who is new to the group may not have been fully credentialed by the insurance company prior to your visit. As a result, your insurance company may pay you directly for the services provided by the physician. You are, however, still responsible for the payment. The check should be submitted to our billing company along with a copy of the EOB (Explanation of Benefits) at the address given on your statement.

I do not recall receiving a bill; why have I received a collection notice?

If you do not recall having received a bill, please contact the appropriate billing service for the location you were seen, and speak with a representative. They will be able to provide you with information concerning when and where the bills have been sent.

I received financial aid from the hospital. Why was this not applied to my physician bill?

If you receive financial aid from the hospital, in the form of a discount, based on need, please call the appropriate billing service for the location you were seen and speak with a representative. Proof of discount may be required.

The hospital is in my network; why isn’t the physician?

Although MEDS and Infinity-MEDS, in good faith, negotiate with many of the area’s health insurance groups, we may not be contracted with all of the smaller insurance companies.

I have a co-pay; why am I receiving a bill for an amount greater than the co-pay?

The co-pay is the patient’s responsibility to the facility. Your insurance company may apply a portion of the professional fee to your deductible. We only bill what is allowable per our agreement with your insurance company.

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