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MEDS enters joint venture with Infinity Healthcare

July 22nd, 2014

O’FALLON, IL – MEDS, one of the Midwest’s leading emergency department and hospitalist staffing and management firms, has entered into a joint venture with Infinity Healthcare, a provider of emergency department management services based in Milwaukee, Wisc. The partnership, called Infinity-MEDS, will provide emergency department staffing and management services for all eight of the Hospital Sisters Health Services (HSHS) throughout Illinois.

“For years, Infinity Healthcare has been working with five HSHS facilities in Wisconsin, and MEDS has been working with three HSHS facilities in Southern Illinois,” said Dr. Len Glover, president and chief medical officer of MEDS. “Both Infinity Healthcare and MEDS have similar priorities — dedication to high quality, compassionate care, along with operational excellence — which led to the Infinity-MEDS partnership. We look forward to continuing our strong track record in providing high quality staffing and management services to HSHS hospitals.”

Facilities to be served by Infinity-MEDS include:
• St. Anthony’s Hospital (Effingham, IL)
• St. Elizabeth’s Hospital (Belleville, IL)
• St. Elizabeth’s O’Fallon Urgent Care (O’Fallon, IL)
• St. Francis Hospital (Litchfield, IL)
• St. John’s Hospital (Springfield, IL)
• St. Joseph’s Hospital (Breese, IL)
• St. Joseph’s Immediate Care 365 (Carlyle, IL)
• St. Joseph’s Hospital (Highland, IL)
• St. Joseph’s Hospital Highland Prime Care (Highland, IL)
• St. Mary’s Hospital (Decatur, IL)
• St. Mary’s Hospital (Streator, IL)

For more information, visit www.Infinity-MEDS.com.