means we're here for the long term.  With MEDS you get more than a contractor.  You get a partner
Our mission is to help you deliver the highest quality care to your community in a cost-effective way. So we work tirelessly to deliver optimal patient care and utilize our expertise to achieve operational and departmental excellence, knowing that by doing our job right, we’ll earn your trust and become a valued business partner.

For 40 years, MEDS has worked with hospitals to provide high-quality health care and effective management solutions that reflect our commitment to superior service, responsiveness, accountability, and providing a stable workforce of the best and the brightest physicians.

Our goal is to become a “Company for Life” and provide the best care possible for our patients and work environment for our colleagues and friends.

Our commitment to efficient high quality health care, supported by our accessibility, responsiveness, and management expertise, helps us deliver personalized excellence that larger competitors can’t match.

Personalized Approach

Our management and operational approach blends the staffing of Emergency Departments, Urgent Cares, and/or Clinical Decision Units in an integrated fashion to deliver the right care at the right time.

We align patients with the most appropriate level of care and provide our team with the right processes and training to transition patients to non-inpatient care locations and clinic-based care delivery models. By focusing on maximizing emergency department performance through efficient staffing, resource utilization, and clinical protocols we work to prevent unnecessary care as well as right size care and associated costs for patients, hospitals, and payors.

Through multidisciplinary process improvement committees that empower all members of the emergency department team, our approach significantly improves department efficiency, service, and morale.

Typical results include:

  • Improved job satisfaction for physicians, nurses, and ancillary staff
  • Improved patient outcomes and satisfaction
  • Improved emergency department productivity and operations
  • Decreased physician stress and burnout related to staffing optimization strategies

Build Your Team

How do we structure your emergency department for success? We start by:

  • Installing a Medical Director who is responsible for cultivating a culture of excellence and accountability within your emergency department.
  • Building a premier team of emergency physicians and advanced practice providers with the appropriate clinical experience that matches your hospital volume, acuity, and community.
  • Driving staff satisfaction and morale through optimal scheduling, teamwork, and collaboration.
  • Fostering meticulous documentation among our clinicians to support your compliance efforts and maximize reimbursement.
  • Using metrics to identify factors that negatively impact your ED performance – and addressing these factors in order to optimize patient flow.

Building your team of Emergency Physicians and Advanced Practice Providers

  • We help create a practice environment that aligns incentives and enables providers to use their skill set in a collaborative environment with ongoing feedback using data analytics and operational insights.
  • Leadership development programs for our Medical Directors that include mentoring, training, and ongoing education.
  • Provider schedules and coverage models developed to match patient volume and flow
  • Quality management strategies based on reporting intelligence that improve ED efficiency, patient outcomes, and patient satisfaction.
  • Patient safety programs and risk management initiatives centered on building awareness and improving patient evaluation and documentation.
  • Compliance support designed to help meet regulatory requirements and mitigate risk within your ED.
  • Billing and coding services to help improve reimbursement and maintain compliance
  • Patient satisfaction tools and resources that help target common complaints and provide feedback to our providers.


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