April 10, 2020

April 10, 2020- During this uncertain time, MEDS’ focus and main priority is taking care of our providers and our patients. We have been focusing on keeping our providers informed as events and information develop, as well as partnering with our hospitals to assist with preparation for the unknown this pandemic has brought. Sue Drabing, MEDS Vice President of Provider and SANE Services, has created a nightly Situational Report (SITREP) for all MEDS providers, nursing leadership, EMS leadership from multiple regions, and a member of our local military base. This SITREP includes a breakdown of where patients are testing positive for COVID-19 by counties in southern Illinois (and some surrounding St. Louis counties) as well as new policies, EMS news, admission guidelines, PPE information, and hospital updates.

Mrs. Drabing was recently interviewed by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) about our engagement during COVID-19 and her SITREP. IEMA used MEDS updates to also brief the National Business Operations Center (BEOC), which consisted of federal, state, local, non-profit and private industry partners. Accomplishments Mrs. Drabing discussed were directly related to the community support we have received and been able to coordinate. MEDS has been able to source PPE supplies for our facilities and for our providers with the help of our local community members.

A business located in Paris, Illinois, donated two rolls of industrialized plastic to Horizon Health Hospital to help them create reusable gowns. They were able to produce 500 gowns from this donation. Additionally, they used the plastic to develop a COVID-19 Unit in their facility.

A community member from Flora, Illinois, has designed and produced a face shield prototype. Those were shared between our rural hospitals due to the face shield shortage.

Mr. Robin Brown from RDB Greenhouse Conservatory Builders has created 14 protective intubation boxes for our facilities. The acrylic boxes Brown created are 2 foot, 3-sidedcubes that sit over the patient and act as a barrier to protect the physician and the patient during an intubation procedure. These boxes are intended for use in our Emergency Departments and Intensive Care Units.

MEDS has coordinated with Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) to set up temporary ED entry control tents outside of our Emergency Departments. With these tents, we have been able to develop concept of operations and patient flow guidelines for these sites. In addition to our patient screening tents, we were able to generate Alternate Care Sites. These multiple sites are available in the event of a surge and will support the flow of patients ensuring appropriate triage levels.

The MEDS leadership team has been working diligently to improve the safety of our providers and the communities we serve.Close

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