February 25, 2021

O’FALLON, ILLINOIS. February 25, 2021 - Officials with MEDS are pleased to announce that the company has been selected as the Hospitalist Medicine Staffing provider for Touchette Regional Hospital.

“MEDS currently provides our emergency room staffing, and we have been very pleased with the service for our patients and in dealing with them on the business side,” said Jay Willsher, President of Touchette Regional Hospital. “The addition of MEDS as our physician and nurse practitioner staffing for in-patient will increase quality and improve communication between the ED and the floors.”

“Patients will not notice any difference and should see improved service and continuity of care between their emergency room provider and the staff once admitted to the hospital, if needed,” noted Dr. Len Glover, president of MEDS. “We look forward to continuing our working relationship with Touchette in this new manner.”

MEDS took over the in-patient staffing at Touchette on January 4, 2021. They have provided Emergency Department staffing since 2019.

About MEDS

Headquartered in O’Fallon, Illinois. MEDS provides the management and staffing services to multiple facilities treating approximately 200,000 emergency medicine, hospital inpatient, telemedicine, and urgent care patients throughout the Midwest. Our commitment to efficient high-quality health care, supported by our accessibility, responsiveness, and management expertise, helps us deliver a personalized alternative to hospitals for their clinical outsourcing needs.

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